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We need submissions.

Liek. Seriously guys. We take peeve submissions. 

We’d also LOVE if you gave us some interesting stories of obnoxious roleplayers or whathaveyou. 

Also. Our submit is at the bottom of the page. We’re getting a lot of submits in the ask box and the fanmail box. That’s totally fine. Just know if you use the submit box and you specify you want to be anonymous, we’re totally cool with that, too.

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(( submitted by sunflowerbear ))

This happens a lot with Mental Illnesses as well. I really dislike characters played for pity and only pity. Victimized characters are rather obnoxious in my own personal opinion.

(( submitted by Mod T ))

(( submitted by cattomboy ))

Should I start placing photos behind the text again like I did in this submission or should I continue with blank backgrounds?

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(( submitted informally by Mod T’s friend ))

(( submitted informally by a friend of Mod T ))

We seriously need your contributions, guys. We haven’t gotten anything in since the queue ran out. I’ll see if I can scrounge some more up for now but we seriously need you to submit.

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